How to be a Minimalist, a.k.a. Just take the trash out already

How many atrocious coffee mugs do you own? How many brand new dinner sets collecting dust in their boxes..

That time I got obsessed with a fictional band #TheMaybeDeadCats

It started with a book titled Will Grayson, Will Grayson…

Unsolicited Tips in Gambling: social media in a nutshell

Social media is kinda sorta somewhat similar to gambling. Well, it’s a 50-50 thing going on there.

#ThatOneBook Writing Prompt

I started writing this just to write something and then thought, why not make this into a writing prompt. And here we are!

12 Shades of Cosmo Kramer

#LastminuteAstro presents: Cosmo Kramer as every damn sign under the Zodiac.

My Favorite TV Characters as Zodiac Signs: an awesome list

Greetings, people of the WordPress! I’m back (for good this time), and I come bearing a present. Nah, it’s more…

Being a Multipotentialite: resurrecting the renaissance magic

What is the meaning of multipotentiality? Who can be considered a multipotentialite? Are you one? What are the pros of being one? Is Da Vinci’s curse an amazing boon in disguise?