What Bapu used to say…


So Bapu used to say that if someone comes up to you and gives you a tight slap on one of your chubby cheeks don’t get angry, just smile and offer him the other cheek as well. Wow. No kidding. I respect the man but this kind of thing was possible for only his kindda men . Maybe some people are capable of such things. Sure! But all of us ain’t saints. So yeah, crushing the slapper’s teeth into his throat would give me more satisfaction than two red cheeks without makeup. And that’s why I would rather follow Lincoln’s advice. I love the guy. Basically what he says, that is my conclusion of whatever I observed from his quotes and writings and stuff, is this- don’t let the guy slap you. No? Alright lemme explain…-

Some person, not a malicious villain outta tv mind you, but a  human being as normal as you and me (I mean you. My normality is questioned on a daily basis so keep me outta this crap.)…Okay!  So a perfectly normal human wouldn’t just come up to you- You, who are sitting in a lone corner all by yourself, quietly, being an innocent angel that you are, and decide to slap you for kicks, right? You must have done something really great for him to get that red, or maybe he’s just a short-tempered douchbag, but what I mean to say is there must be  some mistake of yours. Right? So, how about DON’T MAKE THAT FUDGING MISTAKE which puts you in a situation where it is difficult to decide whether to follow your favourite Bapu or punch a hole in a human’s face…atleast try. To be nice. With everyone. Actually This is also what Bapu used to say and offering-the-other-cheek was just a remedy if you don’t take that precaution of “being nice”. So I love both of them tbh.

Moral of the day kiddos is this- precaution is always betta than cure. What? You learned that in pre-school? Me too. Same punch.



  1. Gandhi was a great guy! We all love his teachings but that cheeky thing is some exception for me…I’m all in for giving love but Jesus save you if you go on slapping my cheeks for no reason. We don’t bust our ass in the gym to “take” the beating right?

    I love how you related Lincoln and Gandhi though, hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed it

      And Same feelings man! But jokes apart, I come back from the aerial silk practice, aching all over like I got jumped by Jackie Chan clones, and all I ask for is some ass to kick. . . So yeah, the slap-me-twice thing is just too much for me.

      But #BapuRocks and Lincoln too


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