Not her biography!

So this is about my bench partner who also happens to be my friend. Lets call her ‘N’. So N is the kind of person who’s biggest life problem is-answer-in-one-sentence questions……and I mean it literally! To top it up SHE IS ALWAYS CONFUSED..CONFUSED 24X7X365 and makes you too if you fall for her blabbering.

Say for eg: You ask her her name for instance, there’s a high probability she’ll end up giving away her address-email –phone number package!! See. Now it may sound like a bomb lottery in case you’re a guy considering she’s pretty beautiful and all but anyways, tbh most of the times I end up regretting that I asked HER something…and did I mention she’s 7a.m. maths lecture kindda boring?!

To top it off N also falls in the mtakingmytortoizeforawalk -category….yae…ya know em right? Me too ..up close…..ANYWAYS
They are like ALWAYS walking as if they have just retired and strolling on a beach on an awesome evening when there’s nothing in the world to do and wowdsjk@#^#dghg..WAKE UP PEOPLE JUST WAKE.UP. I’m not sorry at all but but its not a beach and you are day-dreaming right in middle of the corridors….yes you are, and your lazy, fat ass is simply blocking my way I need to get to the classroom for fuck’s sake JUST.MOVE.
And walking with these kind is like.. It’s so shameful, rather self-pitting like……..”OH LOOK! WOW! That boy with his bad limp just outran us…”

Whatever ‘N ‘is, and she’s not going to change but only a bum-ass will disagree about her hair… OMFG its like wowwww. I mean the length is like past her shoulders, past her back, past her bum, and way down. I guess it stops midway her knees or something…tbh when you meet her for t 1st time that’s t 1st thing you notice .

As I said she’s my partner…and this has happened many a times : I just sometimes sit on her braid (which she keeps neatly folded besides her on the bench so as it won’t fall and touch the floor) okay so am just sitting on it, of course not purposely duh! and neither of us notices until she starts to get up for no reason- as she can’t sit in one place for a long time….and then she realizes rather too late that she can’t (get up I mean) because I’ m sitting on her hair, and she goes all “ouch !my hair…you are sitti..”
“Oh I’ m sorry…here take it…Sorry”
“Ha-ha no problem it’s ok …ha-ha I didn’t even realize…blahablahblah…hfjdgjd…”
“Yeah I GOT IT .l’ll just …move aside.”

Just hold up its starting to feel like N’s biography or something…..Wow I just took ranting to a new level!

P.S. Its not her in the pic(found it on Google) but its damn close!



  1. “OH LOOK! WOW! That boy with his bad limp just outran us”
    I cracked up imagining that scenario! 😀
    I hate it too when people slow me down when I am brisk walking every evening- Yeah, I prefer walking on the streets instead of a treadmill! It’s so much more interesting than watching an uncle squatting weights like he ‘ll fall with the bar any second and land up in a hospital, in a repeat loop! 😀

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