My Punctuality

So far as I remember, being late used to be my gravest bad habit even though i never made it feel like one.Rather it gave me that cool feeling & I didn’t even do it purposely. Obvio. Why would I purposely go late for an exam? I really care about my marks everything aside.

Never once did I went on time for regular classes (my teachers got used to it after the initial scolding period and gave up. They expected me to arrive 10-15 mins later, to say the least and some good souls even went as far as waiting for me before starting the class). My friends , if the meeting time was decided 6:30 , would purposely & so very smartly inform me that it is 6’o clock, expecting me to arrive at least by 6:15. However, after the first two tries I got to know their plan and guessed the exact timing and as usual arrived later than the fixed timing. I don’t exactly remember when I stopped this horseshit but it was a gradual transformation. Truly… I guess…

So I made this new friend X and my folks were used to my BSing around the watch so they didn’t mind me anymore, but that don’t mean I would put up a bad impression on a new goat.So with this person at least I followed that watch. I was always perfectly on the decided timing and so was X and neither had to wait for the other. Anytime. So this went on for a while…

However, ultimately arrives that stage or turning point in every human’s life when you don’t think of the new friend as exactly a new one & are comfortable BSing around them and no it didn’t skip me, for even I am a human being (contrary to popular belief).So, it was around this time that things started to change… no not on my part. Actually now because of this “turning- up -on- time” habit I even turned up on time at every place and least to say the people present there were a milliseconds away from getting a stroke. Talk about punctuality being a crime! Anyways. So the “CHANGE” started coming in X and it was ME left waiting for 2,5,10 and at one time for a total 22 minutes! YES OF COURSE I COUNTED.

Some bitch actually kept me, me of all the latecomers waiting? Wow. The person was definitely nothing better than me & was putting up a show of being punctual for the first few meets OR maybe… my talent passed on to X like a bad cough . Whatever. But then it left me. The talent. Of arriving late.

So everything happens for the good. I really believe in that. Not trying to be philosophical here.Sincerely,Thanks to you X. But you are still a bitch.


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