Food makes it bearable..

You know the one thing I like to ignore till infinity -i.e. in addition to girls who stare down their own bosom & guys who grab/scratch their own junk(what ya’ll do in private idec but in “public”?) – is fake people. LIERS are a different Creatures altogether  but phony people are born to jingle your balls. I mean why  do you need to say “pleasure meeting you“ (with a grin so wide it is liable to split your face), when in fact it’s not even been 10 seconds that  you saw me the first time in your fake life @$#% & you know what the worst part is?…that YOU too need to  repeat the courtesy POLITELY.YES, because that’s what you do if you want to live on this earth !!I Anyfuckingways.

One more thing that never fails  to not-surprise me are those relative, family friends or those giggly, gossipy, fake-smiles-and-hugs-aunties who observe you for a total of 20 seconds and then claim to your face “she’s just like my so and so I tell you…hehe….haha..” listen bitch why don’t you stuff your mouth with those starters heaping on your plate and shut that up coz believe me when I say I’M NOT LIKE YOUR SO-&-SO or they are not like me whatever and TRUST ME YOU ARE GLAD THEY ARE NOT LIKE ME *wicked smile*

But seriously, I really don’t get why some people can’t even keep that low IQ conversation of theirs going without even once involving some sort of ‘comparison game’. That shit just won’t stop. Guess why I hate family functions?  Now guess why I still attend most of the times? No?  C’mon ever heard of party FOOD??AWESOME MIND-GUZZLING AND FOOD IS WHAT MAKES IT BEARABLE.Sigh! Food makes everything bearable on this planet.


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