Once upon a time….

So I was on my wise way & a woman came from the opposite way cussing under her breath & simultaneously rubbing her head….she always jogged along that route in the morning so I recognized her.I ignored & continued walking….20 steps or so & I felt something hit me on the head like a small stone but if a stone falls it hurts but this didn’t…2 more steps & there again..I looked above .nothing…no one…I took some three steps and there I saw it-a crow chasing me…a FUDGING CROW WAS BANGING HIS FILTHY BEAK ON MY HEAD JUST LIKE THAT! Considering my so-called “bird-phobia” no need to explain my reaction. I quickly took cover behind a 3-feet tall school boy going the same way don’t ask me how.The entire lane was empty except the watchman at the far end of the street watching the show and saving his own head. Sigh! The speed of my run and the pitch of my scream along with the force with which I knocked the coward watchman out of my way was…WOW…& here I always doubt my capacity.

So I didn’t go where I was supposed to. Rather took a long turnaround route back home. All the time holding back my tears and looking groundwards (as if every person I passed knew about how a crow managed to bully and make me cry). The people were watching though, in a weird way.  Guess they concluded I got dumped first thing,7 O’clock on this lovely Thursday morning….what they’ll never know is that I went through something worse by many a degree!

P.S. Remember that dear friend of mine for whom I decided not to ditch! (Find her here in part 1 if you skipped that) Well, she thought it was not worth attending that Thursday (In her words- “Anyways it was just a black day. Big deal”). Long story short she was having sweet dreams while I was battling for my life.

The “Black day” irony still creeps me out though.Now if that’s not supernatural idk what is!