So I was watching a rerun of this supernatural episode(Bedtime Stories) & was reminded of the Grimm brothers &

that’s why I’m writting this. I love supernatural and Dean Winchester by the way.

Now you must be aware of the original version of Grimm’s fairy/folk tales & how full of gore, sex, violence they used to be before the content was scraped, altered & edited CBFC style and made suitable for children audience right? If yes then I’m not going to write anything contrary here! But for those who never came across them , here are some actual versions of your favourite fairytales just to mess-up your pretty lives! Yeah I’m wicked like that..

So first up is RapunzelForget about the original, the disney version itself is nothing better. Now that’s where the idea of sneaking your guy in through the window past midnight came from, eh?

Back to the original version, Rapunzel infact gets pregnant with the prince’s child after regular erotic encounters and her inflated belly is how our villian/witch/evil fairy gets to know about the royal affair. She cuts Rapunzel’s locks, banishes her into the woods, seduces the prince up the tower with those locks & pushes him down on the thorns to his blindness! All ends wells though when the blind prince reunites with Rapunzel & their newborn….

Little Red Ridding HoodA wolf, a cute girl & her grandma! Meh. This tale was actually about a sex predator a.k.a. The Wolf who tries to lure a virgin girl a.k.a.Red Riding Hood INTO HIS BED! In those days a girl who lost her virginity was said to have “seen the wolf”. Got it? Uh huh. That said this story never had a happy ending until many versions later.

Sleeping BeautyWoken by the kiss of her lover prince!

OMG how romantic they yada yada yada…But seriously that one used to be my favourite and somewhat relatable( No, not the prince part. The forever sleeping one!) i.e. until i came across the ancient version where this King tries to wake her up & when he can’t, decides to rape her instead(yes in her sleep). She even gives birth to children in that deep sleep of hers (don’t ask me how.I am not capable of answering such intellectual questions!). So this newborn sucks the splinter off her finger & she’s pulled out of her slumber & no doubt wishes to go back in her dream world seeing life as it is! Anyways. To top it off the rapist king has a queen who hates our S.B. & plots a plan with the cook to get her children  served on the king’s platter which goes flop and the king burns her instead in the end….Ha! So much for a good night’s sleep.

Now to my favourite SnowwhiteAgain forget the prince’s kiss! Rather Here he tries  carrying her entire coffin with him to the palace (for you know what). Then comes a bump in the road & with it the poisonous apple chunk pops out of Snow white’s mouth and she’s back to life! Anywho she marries the necrophilic pervert of a prince & the evil stepmom is made to dance in their wedding. In hot iron boots. Till she drops dead.Yes.

The Frog Prince-In one version, it’s not a kiss from the princess that transforms the frog into a prince( bless her lips) but chopping off his head.image

In another, the princess slams him on the wall for the great transformation to occur!

Rumpelstiltskin– So after the miller’s daughter-turned-queen guesses Rumpelstiltskin’s true name, he’s defeated and disapears from the face of earth. Right? No.

The unedited version goes like this: “The devil has told you that! the devil has told you that!” cried the little man, and in his anger he plunged his right foot so deep into the earth that his whole leg went in; and then in rage he pulled at his left leg so hard with both hands that he tore himself in two.


Thank god we never came across these as kids. But what would’ve happened if we did?…
…..Maybe Game of thrones would’ve seemed like another fairy-tale!