How to ditch this ditching habit? No. Don’t answer that!

I am one lazy ass. Make that two. But that doesn’t change the fact. The lazy part I mean, asses we all are….ALRIGHT! For starters I haven’t attended a single class since ..Wait..Yeah the last visit I paid was in…so that makes it..Right! More close to 25 days. Let me repeat. I . HAVE’NT PAID MY VISIT TO  ANY OF THE SEVEN CLASSES  SINCE TWENTY DAYS. Wow. This is a new level even for me. Considering our attendance marks are added to our end result and there is this teach who (once when I was present during her lecture) commented that “ no matter what I ain’t gonna give a fuck about the class participation marks of those students who don’t attend my class regularly”-now if you exclude the language that’s exactly what she said as far as I remember- DON’T YOU DOUBT MY MEMORY NOW! It’s better than anyone within a kilometre circumference from me. Did I mention I am writing this sitting on a lone beach in a remote part of…..never mind.

So This is what I do around the evening-I check the next day’s time table and decide the lectures are quite important so I must attend and I set the alarm at night and tell people to wake me up coz “I’m a  goin study tomorrow baby” and pack the bag in advance (in case the fact that the bag needs to be packed dampens my spirit to get out of bed). I go to sleep.

And. This is what I do the next morning. I wake up alright. Even before the alarm goes off. Then I go over the time-table in my  head. I find that it’s not that important after all and I turn the alarm off before it has a chance to ring its balls and then I go to sweet sleep and I don’t even do guilt because I pledge to myself that no matter what tomorrow I’m going to attend the lectures.
Now y’all geniuses don’t need me to tell you what happens on the tomorrow.

But seriously this is grave. And it’s new for even me. Now it won’t affect my exam grades . Rather I prefer self-studying-when I care to study that is. But I do study when the exam’s near and  do pretty alright. I’m not even trying to be humble but once I started studying on the exact day the time-table was out and I topped my division passing the girl who ONLY STUDIES all day and maybe night , by wee little point percentage.Yeah,I’m Einstein reborn. Nice observation!


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