People…and their Groups….and Assignments given to…..GROUP ASSIGNMENTS YEAH THAT’S THE TITLE SUE ME!

This post is dedicated to group projects…. Where every person thinks they are the only ones possessing leadership qualities a.k.a. telling everyone else what to do and what not to do and after a few minutes everyone is arguing about how to do it and how not to do it and this takes up hours and I’m just sitting there enjoying the show coz no one is even going to remember their own shitty ideas by the time they step outside the gate and the next day this same discussion is going to take place! And maybe one day before submission some actual work would start on it. Yeah that’s how it works 6/10 times.

People! The reason why I dream of living that royal life in jungle where I’ve managed to befriend wild beasts all the while sporting that red underwear………What?! Nevermind.

And speaking of group projects , bless those of my kind including @nuttywordsmith who is currently going through that worst phase w.r.t. Group assignments which I won’t even curse my sister wit……..OMG THAT’S THE BEST POSSIBLE I MEAN THE WORST POSSIBLE CURSE I CAN GIVE THAT WHITENER WOW

Ahem! So yeah… group projects plus working with dumbass creatures who make you wonder if they are even humans …….I mean, I personally think that the day is not far when their brains would rust( from unuse) and tongues would fall off(from overuse). Bitches! And monkeys!

So I would take some effort to share tips with  anyone needing and  reading this (a remotely impossible thought in itself) about how to use your observation skills in NOT SELECTING the wrong members for your next team project:

1) You must have seen that person in class whose eyes lit up the moment the teacher mentions that its gonna be a “Group Project”? Yeah that one . Tick his face off your list.

2) The overexcited & giddy girl who won’t stop talking about “how awesome it would be if we both get the same group…” and then starts talking about her ideas about the project topic. Trust me. 9/10 times she won’t be good for anything except the talking…

3) Those who shamelessly comment, “I anytime looove group projects blahblahblah…..” which translates to ” I loove to do nothing and get an A.” Anywho. YOU don’t wanna looove them…..

4) Those kids who look like a huge mountain-load of crap has been lifted from their frail shoulders when they realize they are not supposed to do it alone? Now most of these kind won’t trouble you.They are maybe just low confident or not-that-good in their studies or whatever. But if you let them know what to do , be patient and help them when necessary everything will work out fine and that is the reason group projects were invented in the first place…Cooperation, team work , heping others……anyone?

5) But Remember, inability is never a problem, unwillingless is! And there’s a fine line between both so Observe closely. Now I always ‘Help’ people but my ass would never  ‘Do’ their share of work if you know what I mean! And niether should you because slavery was eradicated ages ago…

6) Also, beware of the sly foxes who manage to play project-politics which includes anything & everything from spreading silly rumours to useless gossiping and they somehow manage to pit atleast one pair of memebers against each other in a bad way! Now, this may seem silly & harmless but trust me when I say ‘miscommunication’ + ‘one-gossiping-bitch/dog-ready-to-seize-the-opportunity’ can be harmful in ways you don’t want to imagine!

7) Just keep your ears open ……and whenever a random classmate who you  barely know starts gossiping with you about some other person who is also barely an aquaintance……REMEMBER NOT TO INVITE THE FORMER IN YOUR NEXT PROJECT GROUP.

8) The most important thing to note here is – Most of the… or if you’re unluckier than me ALL OF THE TIMES you won’t be given the liberty to “choose” your group members BUT even if any of  these creatures get to be your assignment partners, recognizing  them would help you to shield yourself from their attacks as you would already know what that attack is gonna be…if that makes any sense!

Thanks for your tolerance.



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