Nihongo on my mind….and tongue. Rrrr…Llrrr..ddlrrr

Brightly colored though the blossoms be,

All are doomed to scatter,

So in this world of ours,
Who will last forever?

Today crossing the high mountain of life’s illusions,

We shall never allow ourselves to drift away

intoxicated, in the world of shallow dreams
                                    – by Not me 😉

So I decided to finally start learning Japanese and as you would never catch me dead (or living and doing my time) in a  coaching class I opted for virtual learning. As they/I say “if you decide to join a ‘class’ you would only be able to get as fast as the slowest student there OR if YOU happen to be the slowest one, no one’s going to wait up for you anyways.” Today’s contradictory statement!

So, the kanas, vocabulary and grammer were going pretty but the kanji sort of blew me away…but guess I’m lucky because at the right time I came across & quickly enrolled with this amazing website called ‘Wanikani’ which has decided to devote its virtual life in tutoring peple in kanji can you believe it! Plus their lessons are suberb and the teaching style is amazing and genuine. Does this sound like a promotion?….just to clear any doubts No, I’m not getting paid to say this. Anywho.

On the same note, I stumbled across this old Japanese poem called ‘Iroha Uta‘.  Older generations of Japanese often learned the alphabet by memorizing this poem, as it uses each sound/alphabet in Japanese EXACTLY ONCE and also manages to form an awesome meaning! Oh, and yes that above poem is just my fused up meaning of the Iroha’s  various translations . Here is one of the original version of the same:

Iro wa nioedo
Chirinuru o
Waga yo tare zo
Tsune naran
Ui no okuyama
Kyo koete
Asaki yume miji
Ei mo sezu

Now the only thing that bothers me is IF….. IF I get stuck at some point during the lessons and no virtual teacher can get me out and I’m earning for some in-human-flesh-teacher’s touch…okay that was too much..but seriously where am I to go? After all the things I’ve covered on my own if I somehow-I really doubt it- but lets assume that somehow I join a Japanese coaching class, its not like the teacher there would be pleased and say  “wow, you’ve already covered most of the part but you’re stuck with this little thing worry not child I’ll be more than happy to ditch my entire class to teach you and i’ll teach you THAT ONLY.” Nope. I would have to go through everything right from the beginning and it’s a dopey waste of time.. only if there were half as many language tutors as math ones! Private tutoring is like the most divine profession anyone can choose coz the tutor  is all yours and yours alone I love it!  Now that I’ve typed this down I wont worry about that shit for sometime….

Also i was looking for something totally irrelevant and ended up listening this Japanese song and I liked it from the first note itself …and it sounds really familiar .. and i cant figure out why. Anyways , it’s the title song of the anime ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ and its stuck in my head since.Especially the ending line”oshiete oshiete boku no naka ni dare ga iru no” viz. by the way the only  line I remember.

Now I have been through my ‘K-pop” phases but  never been into Japanese music but maybe that’s going to change…

P.S. if  you have ever like K-pop and stuff , listen to this song it will make you ditch K-pop or if you have never been into that kind of music still listen to this track. You may not understand a single syllable of what the guy is Singing but you will anyways love it….i think. Its kindda haunting and sweet at the same time. Its called “Unravel” by TK.

P.S.S. I guess I’ve messed up my normal accent  in a weird way trying to get the Japanese “r” right! Holy…



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