What is your favourite book/novel/author?

I remember when I was a younger kid and had just discovered my love for reading….I actually hoped that people would ask me the above question while conversations. I mean, when you are new to reading and have read only four- five books till date, answer to that question is a bloody cakewalk!

The first full-length novel I read was Jane Eyre and the moment I was done with it I was damn confident about  JANE EYRE being the only best book ever written.

Now, why I decided to eat your ears(or eyes whatever) over this question is because at this point in my life I have read maybe a thousand books….alright make it a hundreds….and if anyone unexpectedly asks me the above question I go blank. I simply go blank. At some times I don’t even recall the best books I’ve read except some of the recent reads…and by recent reads I mean that book I picked up last night!

So I thought and thought and came to this conclusion that I do not have a favourite book or author. Coz u see, I have read so many books that I HAVE NUMEROUS OF FAVOURITES. And how can you have only one fav book or author unless all you read is Chetan Bhagat  and E.L.James. meh! More on nut job bestsellers some other time.

Anyways. So let’s just say I (and I guess even most of ya readers) go through the Favourite-author-phases, where you discover an awesome author and then devour all of his books like a maniac upto the point when you don’t find anything else written by him/her and then you end up following them on twitter just so you could read their tweets! Or maybe that’s just me. Never mind.
Like my recent one was the “Sidney Sheldon phase” after reading his ‘Tell me your dreams’. He writes suspense thrillers which are highly predictable but so addictive and I end up guessing the culprits in all of his books I’ve read and am still hungry for more I don’t even know why. As I said the writing is addictive. But of course even after reading  so many of his books if you ask me is he one of my fav authors my answer would be no. nor are his books on my favourite books list. Oh yeah, my favourite authors and favourite books lists have no common items. For example ‘To kill a mockingbird’ is definitely one of my fav books but Harper Lee isn’t  my fav author. Just like Bryan Weiss is one of my fav authors but his books are not on top of my fav books list. Go figure. Or don’t mind. P.S. I have read most of his books back to back and I don’t even read nonfiction. Bryan Weiss was my first nonfiction.

Just because the book thief is such an amazing book and obviously my fav, doesn’t mean I adore Markus zuzak. I don’t know a thing about that guy except he got a cool name and penned down an awesome book. Also ‘The Help’ (if you remember the 2012 movie that went to the Oscars) is one of my  favourites but ask me about its author…umm sorry but I don’t even remember her name now But I adore the book. The review on its front page said..”best book on the topic since to kill a mockingbird…” and that’s how I ended up reading To kill a mockingbird and liking it a little better than The Help.

A song of ice and fire is my fav fantasy series but  that old hag who goes on a killing spree every chance he gets and doesn’t release the next volume coz after reading the book very few people would care to watch the next game of thrones season, is NOT MY FAVOURITEFUCKINGAUTHOR!
Oh yeah! I was also on a Mitch Albom spree where after ‘The five peole you meet in heaven’,  I went on reading the timekeeper,  Tuesdays with morrie, The first phone call from heaven……That was three years back. I even considered him one of my fav authors and now here I am Google-ling “The timekeeper” COZIFORGOTTHEAUTHORSNAME . I forgot Mitch albom’s name! Wow. As a redemption I would like to make it clear that I still adore this guy.

I like the supernat/paranormal genre but not in case of books coz I haven’t found any books worth it. They either end up being boring classics or teen scream fiction. So, when I came across ‘Light as a feather , stiff as a board’ ( the book, not the game. Duh!) I absolutely loved it.  It had supernatural , paranormal, suspense(in the beginning , when you are doubtfull whether there is a paranormal element or just a killer human), tension,thrill, teen romance which was the best romance you can come across in teenfics, anticipation, sadness, nostalgia(bc of school setting and friendship elements) and it was an awesome book.  atleast the first two novels in the series. But I can proudly say I don’t remember the bitch author’s name and don’t want to coz she obviously ran out of whatever creative ideas and talent she had to end  the series in a complicated mess of twists and turns and the vindictive bitch didn’t stop there but killed  my only favourtite character in the whole book just for kicks. Just for kicks. It  served no purose other than stir up the emotions of the readers who had almost  given up on the storyline and were waaiting for the mystery to be revealed and the book to end. His death at the book’s end revived some publicity for the bitch (99.9% of it was fucking shocked-up readers going bat shit crazy and preparing her voodoo dolls) I mean I don’t get this. How can you create a character so adorable and then just kill it off so you can become the hot topic of discussion of teenagers going cussing crazy in your name.

Sigh! What phases did yall pass by? And which authors you hate inspite of  loving their books? Or do you?