Review: Lie to me (2011)

I don’t get why it is called a K-drama, even if it’s clearly a rom-com. Figures. So I was never into K-dramas and never wanted to…I thought of them as cheesy teary made-in-Korea soaps, for dumb girls to watch when they run out of cheesy teary soaps made in their own country.

So the other day, I had this intense craving to watch old episodes of Lie to me–the American crime show.


Alright, so I go to Google and download random episodes from the first link I come across. I’m all ready  to watch Lightman and his crazy body-language deciphering skills, hit play, and…..I’m like “what the cheeseballs?” All I see is cute Asian faces , hip clothes , dialogues I can’t decipher and no subtitles whatsoever. So I play another episode. And it gets weirder. I fast-forward through it and  don’t get the crap. So I ask Google. Turns out I’ve downloaded “Lie to me” alright, but this Lie to Me is a K-Drama and  not the Lightman show. The  fork. I loose my appetite for Cal Lightman by now.

Two days later, I’ve got nothing better to do so I get the subtitles for this Korean show and start watching it. And yes, it’s dumb alright. But after the first episode it gets amusing, and I watch the next one , and the next one and I’m hooked. And I lovelike it! So here’s the review:



Title: Lie to Me(2011)
No. of Episodes: 16
Genre: Rom-Com, Korean

The lead lady is one of the reasons I continued watching. Gong-Ah-Jung. That’s her name and no, you’re not dumb if you forget it the next moment. She’s crazy, funny, and adorable. Plus, she rocks that haircut. I didn’t like the lead guy much so let’s forget about him for now.


Plot- Ah Jung is tired of every person in the town asking her when she’s gonna get married, so one fine day, she lies on a whim that she did get married. The rumor spreads that she’s married to the lead guy, who’s the millionaire heir of the “world group” hotels. I’m not giving out spoilers, so can’t explain how. Yeah, so that’s the plot: Surviving the Lie! It’s also a love triangle, and I hate those more than anything else. I’d rather watch Tamil dubs than watch a love triangle. But in my defense this is more of a love rectangle . The third side of which, is the lead’s brother and the fourth is his ex-fiancee.

Given the plot and many scenes therein, they could have made it more hilarious but maybe they don’t like that in Korea, so it ends up somewhere between amusing and adorably funny. However, there are numerous side characters who more than cover-up for that. For eg:


The chef: Though he’s always in a pitiful situation its nonetheless hilarious. This guy can act! You would find him funny even with the subtitles off!

Sunbae: That’s not his name (which I can’t remember). It’s a salutation coz he was Ah-Jung’s senior in college. And apparently, seniors are called ‘sunbae’ in korean. He’s the geeky,miserable and unloved husband of the queen bee and he’s damn funny.

Yoo so-ran: She’s the queen bee.
She a consistently negative character. I hated her, then pitied but still hated her, and then I sort of started liking her too. Among other things, I love her intense expressions.

Sample these:



Also, the scenes involving both So-ran and sunbae are amongst the unexpectedly hilarious ones.

This series is totally different from whatever I usually watch. Maybe because of its origin…?Duh! The characters are different,thier reactions are unusual, the dialect is more than weird, the clothes are to die for, the location is amazing though underused…

That reminds me of my favourite settings :

The lone street lined with cherry blossoms and a lonely bench.image


The sauna



Also there this quirky cafe where the lead’s brother hangs out & lives in, with his friend i.e. the chef. There’s the cafe’s owner-A not-so-young- lady (who’s the crush of our chef and the reason of his misery and hilarity) who is  in love with Ah-ungs dad.Don’t ask. Also, Can’t miss the girl with the guitar. She’s a full on emo- Black clothes and everything, who’s Always there in the cafe, day and night, rain or hail and out of the blue breaks into Korean sad love songs, adding to the chef’s misery. Man,I really feel that many cool side characters are given very tiny screen time. Like the chef, the secretary and Ah-Jung’s dad.

Somewhere between the series I was like “the fork are we doing here? justice for what we are assumed to be? a bloody soap?” But then it didnt even last for a whole episode and we were back on the crazy track. Therell be a few times when you’re like “what the brainless fuck?” But remember not to use much brains. Coz after all it is,what it is ,even though we happen to like it.

All in all- it’s super adorable, funny, romantic, at a point it sucks you in so yeah its better than good.

The characters I like:


Ah Jung


So-ran and Sunbae


Ah jung’s dad






Office staff



Characters I don’t fancy..


Side  3 of the rectangle


Side 4…




Cafe owner “ajumma”

Characters I don’t even care…

Lead guy

Would I recommend this to friends? Hell yeah. And I already have.

For newbies: Its a good place to start and makes you love Korea.

For K-drama buffs– If you’re already into it at least watch something remotely sensible than full-blown tearjerkers and zero plotlines. So yeah, you could start with this.



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