Review: One day at a time (2017)

I binge-watched this sit-com some 4 months back..? And I’m still suffering from the withdrawal symptoms.
Trust me on this–no matter who, where or how you are, this show will hit straight home.


Title: One day at a time
No. Of episodes: 13
Genre: comedy

Plot: Each episode follows one day in the eccentric life of a Cuban-american family.

It is a superb combo of everything good there is. It makes you laugh and hits you in the gut. It’s tongue-in-cheek and in-your-face. It’s warm. It’s hot. It’s cool. It’s old-fashioned and progressive. It’s fresh! It’s crazy yet smart. It’s funny and it’s serious. It’s colorful and clever, multicultural yet universal.It gives you giggles..and goosebumps too…heart-warming, heart-wrenching,…

It makes you wonder “why don’t we watch stuff like this often?”, and then it makes you realize that they don’t make stuff like this often!

I could give out spoilers, but I like to keep it short. Plus, you can always look it up…but sometimes, its awesome to experience things without knowing what’s gonna hit you, beforehand. And this would be worth it!

ALRIGHT, SPOILERS!!! ( I would still advise you to stop reading any further and rather watch it for yourself).

I’ll give a super-short gist of my fav characters. So my fav characters are- All of them. No kidding.


Penelope Alvarez(a.k.a. Lupe, Lupita)- The best single mom ever. Current nurse, former War-veteran and all-time fun.


Lydia– Lupe’s typical Cuban, 24×7 caked-up (not even her husband has seen her without make-up), old-school mother. Has no control over  the sexuality/sensuality/Cubaness, overflowing from her dancer self.




Elena– Lupe’s smart, annoying, teen, boringly intellectual (in no particular order) daughter. Yes, the one in the pics above.

Alex– Elena’s younger sibling. Mostly, Good-for-nothing except grooming. Vain and handsome.


Schneider– The Rich, no-brains landlord. Assumed family member. Super hilarious. Illegal Canadian immigrant. The shirtless guy  above.

“Love isn’t even real. It’s just something your nanny says sometimes to your dad” –Schneider

Also there’s Carmen – Elena’s emo bff. a.k.a. Latina twilight. Melancholic by choice.The butt of Lupe’s vampire jokes.


Dr.Leslie– Lupe’s Jewish boss. Self-confidence level below zero. Taken undue advantage of, by 30-something unemployed daughter. Crushes on Lydia.


Lupe’s ex– Reminds me of Ricky Martin. Despite of that, the only not-so-lovable character.

The show also tackles relevent issues (sexism, immigration, Red tape, LGBTI, depression ,etc.) in a very moving yet non-preachy manner. Jokes are cracked about the topic but never on it. This season made me ROfl and -I’m not even ashamed to say- it also made me cry.

Did I mention it’s hilarious? Go. Watch. Now.



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