Why Stereotyping monkeys get on my nerves and that one Jb song doesn’t…

I hate categorizations; and stereotyping; and when people put other people and things in groups and then judge them with a single minded monkey-like thought process. I love Taylor swift (no this is not a topic deviation);  she was the first artist I ever loved and she’s  been a constant,  and no, I don’t exactly dig the recent chartbusters she’s been dishing out. What I love is vintage Taylor–Country houses and Cinderella dresses. Dear john, Hey Stephan, and Tim McGraw Taylor; Ours, Back to December, Long Live, Sparks Fly, and Mean Taylor. Now you’ll say, “Get it! Are you trying to say Country Taylor?” Yeah.


I’ve, you could say, waned every country song by her, except I still like them all. I hunted for her unreleased music, Christmas covers and all–not worth it by the way– and afterwards, when I couldn’t take it anymore, went on a search for similar artists/music. Right, “country.” So I tried listening to other country music and….well it sucked. It felt like shit. On a stick. (Except some Keith Urban. And Lady Antebellum. And this duo from the TV show Nashville.)


sam and claire nashville
Sam & Clare from Nashville: Give “Fade into you” a listen…beautiful lyrics for a song that is essentially about sex!


So in conclusion: my favorite artist of all  makes country songs that I dig, but country is not exactly my favorite genre, to be extremely mild.

Similar case: when I first listened to HOLYCHILD’s “Happy with me,” I knew I was in love within the first  10 seconds! If you haven’t,  please do;  its addictive.



Their sound is a mix of indie+electro+synth+pop+funk but trust me and don’t judge this song by that. Now I sometimes love good indie-pop, but its like 1% of my listening habits, and I seriously don’t have a soft corner for synth, punk, and stuff. But that’s what HOLYCHILD is about, and I don’t care if they belong to a certain genre that I don’t exactly follow, they are still a favorite.

Anyways, they define their genre as “brat-pop.”  Isn’t that the coolest thing you’ve heard today?

One Republic– finally a favorite band whose sound and genre I both dig!


So why am I bringing them up? If you know, many of their lesser popular slow rhythm songs have a serious piano, choir/church-like sound to it? Those songs are superb too right? but I’ll be a moron if based on that, I assume you’re fond of Sunday church masses!

Now, Justin Beiber is …I’m out of words. Let’s just say, people with taste don’t pay attention to him and believe it or not, I count myself among them, Ahem. But I won’t lie, so yes, I was an innocent child when “Baby” came out and we all worshipped it, friends and foes alike! But I never went into the “J.B. phase” (thank Lucifer) ’cause I was too busy with Taylor swift. However, many years later, in 2011, a very cheesy album of his, “Never say never” was out, and I loved most of the songs on that. Some of them make me cringe today, but some I still listen to. There was this track “Overboard”  which I still like; I don’t know why, except it’s nostalgic.

Whenever I listen to the tidal- waves opening, I smell/taste the cheesy chicken Frankie from this place I used to…. (NOT exactly poetic, I know, but I get all emo about food alright.) I am not even ashamed to say I like the song in spite of the fact that it features Miley Cyrus too!


To be compelety honest, I even loved her part.

But (as you must have figured out by now) I’m not a belieber (whoever came up with that cheesy term anyways).

So what I’m getting at is– I DON’T GET IT WHY people always need to be part of a group, and when they are they have to be so loyal that they have to put other such people (who always need to be part of a group, and when they are…) down and find faults and bitch about them. They get fandom-blinded! C’mon people why you so narrow-minded? (Crap did that just rhymed?!)

If anything, life needs some contrast.


Just because you like someone/ something doesn’t mean you like those/that kind. Let me give you an example: One of my best friends “A” is nothing like the people I prefer. She’s a dumb when it comes to studies and almost all practical matters (I’m so glad this blog is anon), loves make-up and dressing up, and doesn’t give a fuck about sunscreens. A hates reading, and we don’t have common taste in music or movies or literally anything except we both love supernatural and Dean Winchester.  But we get along real cool. I don’t even remember what exactly we talk about when we meet, but we never get enough. (Maybe we talk about Supernatural…)


I  remember us reaching her building while coming back from walks and because we are always discussing something of national importance, we just stand there talking until someone from her house spots us from above–after about an hour–and shouts something like, “The hell ya always stand there for? COME UP AND GET INSIDE!” No, we’re not involved romantically. Did I mention my reason for avoiding going up and in her house was “Can’t, will get late.”

So yeah, fuck stereotypes!

A few days back someone asked me what was the last movie I watched and liked? And I had read a review here (long back), and watched the movie (recently, after ages) and I liked it; so I said, “Raincoat” and told  them to watch the trailer. The reply I got is “Oh, you’re the indie-types.” I’m like,  “what?” and they’re like, “You like silent-ass-dull-art movies I mean.” (That wasn’t their exact phrase because the person still lives.)
So I was like, “The fuck no! Do I look like a  hookah-smoking depressed ass to you? Blast off!”

Now, that’s a classic example featuring one of the half-assed monkeys.

Comments are welcome; half-assed monkeys won’t be entertained.

A collage of my favorite artists, bands, and albums I can recall at the moment!


  1. Swift’s Fearless album was the last I’ve truly enjoyed.
    As for Bieber, this would be unpopular opinion but I enjoyed his songs more when he was really young. It was a whole new level of pop for the West audience and just another pop song for me because I’ve only listen to anime songs then.

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  2. It was too good for Tv! People were used to watching crappy commercial shit in those days. And I don’t know what crappy slot they were given, I watched it years later on DVD and was like “how did we miss this!” I love freaks and geeks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. But imagine if wasn’t cancelled, repressed and underrated as it was; and was more than that one perfect season and loved by everyone like Friends or something; We would’nt be talking about it the way we are, like, it won’t be a big deal then. It would still be as awesome but it would be already famous and gotten it’s worth. Some would even call it overrated, right? So, in a way, that prior outcasting was for good–cause the way people appreciated it later and even now , it still being fresh and honest and genuinely relatable unlike most high school crap–that is something quick ratings would’nt have brought it, right? Plus this status of a cult-favorite is much cooler than a “commercial hit” is what I think 🙂

    To cut it short–I love it too ❤

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  4. I love it when there is a Freaks & Geeks discussion going on anywhere 🙂 And I feel you on the “If it was not cancelled” part. Can’t say if I’d loved it that much if it was continued forever and was every other person’s favorite.

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  5. first of all thank you for following my blog , I so appreciate it. Now as for music. Even though I was born during the 1950’s, sorry music of that Era and the 1960’s pretty much sounded alike. I was dancing to Baby by Justin Bieber also, but I don’t go crazy over his music. Taylor Swift is awesome, like her country and rock faze. Very danceable music love it. Not much of a country and Western fan but my favorite song right now and it might be old is The Fighter by Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood . Love that song! Not a movie fan so I have no clue what those movies are. Sorry this is rambling but I wanted to thanks for the follow and how much I like this post.

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