12 Shades of Cosmo Kramer

Seinfeld is my favorite sitcom of all time, and Kramer is one hilarious doofus! I’ve always thought of Kramer as an Aquarius, but this time I tried to see him in a different light (12, to be precise).Without any further waste of words, I
present to you: Cosmo Kramer as every sign under the Zodiac.1. Aquarius2. Aries3. Gemini4. Cancer5. Virgo6. Scorpio7. Capricorn8. Sagittarius9. Libra10. Pisces11. Taurus12. LeoThis was fun! Eh, whatever.♈♊♉♋♌♍♎⛎⚖️♓♒♑♏🏹If you enjoyed this post, check out this Twitter thread borne out of sheer boredom.


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